Buy 3 boxes for 100,-


Number 1

Classic puto is made of all-purpose flour topped with cheddar cheese.

Number 2

Kutsinta are Filipino steamed cakes made with flour, tapioca flour, and brown sugar. Soft, chewy and topped with grated cheese.

Number 3

Kutsinta is a sticky rice cake. Formed with a special molder with the shape of a rose flower. Topped with fresh grated coconut.

Number 4

Pandan leaves to pack flavor into this classic puto and cheese on top! 

Number 5

Puto pandan using a special molder with cheese of the day inside.

Number 6

Ube puto (purple yam) is a great way to flavor puto (Filipino muffin)

Please notice!

There will be 10 pieces of little cakes in each box.

When you place your order remember to state the number of boxes and which type of cake you want. Like this:

2 x Number 1

4 x Mix of (1 and 3)

If you choose to mix, there will be 2x5 cakes in the box.

To be paid cash by delivery.